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    Welding Story | K922 Mobile FBW Machine Shining " The New Silk Road in the Desert"

    Release time: 2019-07-01

    In the conditions of cold and anoxic, dry climate and windy sand, working in Xinjiang section of Geku Railway is a huge challenge for both laying construction workers and machanical efficiency. Under this circumstance, the skilled engineering workers and the Kiway K922 mobile FBW machine still work perfectly.


    Produced by Kiway Machinery Zhuhai Factory in May 2017 and delivered to The First Engineering Bure Crec, the K922 mobile FBW machine was officially put into operation in Xinjiang section of Geku Railway in August 2017. In the natural conditions of sand in the sky and large temperature difference between day and night, it has maintained a consistent and stable welding efficiency, and has completed more than 500 kilometers of rail welding in less than two years. Up to now, the whole machine is in good running condition, and the performance of rail welding machine fully meets the desert construction environment.