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    K922 was put into Zhengwan high-speed railway construction after overhaul

    Release time: 2019-04-04

    A rare white body K922 flash welding rail machine, was sent back to work for the Zhengzhou-Wanzhou High-speed Railway construction after a large-scale maintenance of Kiway Machinery Zhuhai Factory. The rail welding machine was sold in 2006, with the whole part imported, and has been running well for 12 years.The large-scale maintenance is due to the serious damage of the whole machine caused by a traffic accident at the end of 2018.


    After finishing the process of domestic production in 2005, Kiway has begun to provide the maintenance service since 2006. And it has accumulated a wealth of experience and has all-round solutions by working on more than 30 large-scale maintenance projects. As early as 1998, KIWAY Machinery provided the first rail welding machine K900 to Shanghai, with a product life cycle of 20 years. After the large-scale maintenance in October 2015, the current product status is running well and the product life cycle is still extending.